Help Us, Help You. Confirm Your Contact Information

Anytime you move or get a new phone number, it comes with a seemingly endless list of organizations that you need to inform. Whenever you change addresses, phone numbers, name, etc., it is essential to make sure you also update your information with your financial institution in particular. You may think as long as your debit card and Online Banking  works, having an updated phone number or street address isn’t important, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Fraud Protection: Visiting websites and making online purchases with your debit and/or credit card open an opportunity for fraudsters to exploit on. Give us the tools to protect you! 

Current Address for Confidential Information: A change of address with USPS does not mean Bank Statements and other confidential information will be forwarded. USPS does not forward bank mail. AllCom needs to be notified. Keeping your contact information and your online banking profile updated are the best ways to do this.

Important Reminders and Updates: Not updating your contact info means missing out on important reminders, and other time-sensitive prompts. Updated contact info is vital for those who don’t receive a paper statement of account.

Please contact us here or call 888-754-9980 to update your contact information.