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How Many of Your Passwords are Simply “Password1”? Password Safety Best Practices

Passwords are commonly sought after by cyber criminals, making it more important than ever to protect your password and login information from being hacked.

So, what should you do?

Start by creating a secure password that makes sense to you, but not to others. There are a variety of common techniques used to crack passwords and most people don’t realize that accounts become vulnerable due to the use of simple and widely used passwords.

Cyber criminals use password cracking programs like “John the Ripper” or similar, which automatically plug common words into password fields. This is why experts recommend avoiding consecutive keyboard combinations—such as “qwerty” or “asdfgh”, dictionary words, slang terms, common misspellings, or words spelled backwards.

Simple passwords are more easily hacked as well. The latest advice is to use a “pass phrase” rather than a password. A “pass phrase” will be relatively long, approximately 20 characters or more, and consist of seemingly random words strung together along with numbers, symbols and upper and lowercase letters. It is best to think of something you can remember, but others couldn’t guess.

If a “pass phrase” isn’t your thing, make sure your password is long, the longer the better, at least 12 characters or more. Longer passwords make it more difficult for thieves to crack.

Including numbers, capital letters and symbols are always important to making a password more secure. Consider using a $ instead of an S or a 1 instead of an L, or including an & or % – but note that $1ngle is NOT a good password. Password thieves are onto this. But Mf$J1ravng (short for “My friend Sam Jones is really a very nice guy) is an excellent password.

Rather than posting your password where everyone can see, say on a sticky note near your computer or in a notebook labeled “Passwords”, consider using a password manager. Some help generate secure passwords for each of your sites, but you only have to remember one password, the one for the password manager.

When available, consider implementing multi-factor authentication. This protection requires the user to further authenticate themselves by entering a code that is sent via text message or voice message to a phone number on file. Typically, this is only required when you access an account from an unrecognized device.

Most importantly, don’t share your passwords with anyone. No one from AllCom Credit Union will ever reach out asking for your password either through phone, mail or email.

Remember these tips to keep your passwords safe and happy browsing.

Continue to look for our next round of banking safety tips coming soon.

2018 Member Appreciation Day Recap and Photos

With beautiful weather and tons of families present, AllCom Credit Union’s 2018 Member Appreciation Day was a huge success. The hot dog line never slowed down as members took advantage of AllCom’s annual tradition of thanking its members. Besides the hot dogs, members enjoyed ice cream, popcorn and prizes.

Join Us for Member Appreciation Day 2018!

Celebrate Summer with Food, Games and Fun! 

It’s time for Member Appreciation Day!

Dog on Member Appreciation Day

Please join us on Friday, June 22nd from 11AM to 3PM for a day of celebration at AllCom Credit Union!

We want to thank you for your business and hope you’ll stop by between 11AM and 3PM.  Rain or shine!

There will be hot dogs, popcorn, giveaways, time to socialize and a raffle for a Ring Video Doorbell Pro.*

Bring your family & friends. All are welcome!

We’re grateful to our members and hope you are able to celebrate with us!

Have questions?  We’d love to hear from you.  Call 508-754-9980 today!

*No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve the odds of winning. All members may participate. Open to the general public. No exchanges. No other services provided. Official entry forms available at the main office and postcards with name, address, telephone number and email may be mailed to AllCom at 36 Park Avenue, Worcester, MA 01609. Employees, board members and affiliates of AllCom Credit Union are not eligible for this contest.

Welcome to AllCom Credit Union

Learn what makes banking at AllCom Credit Union better.

AllCom Credit Union Offers Assistance to Homebuyers through FHLB Boston Program

AllCom Credit Union has been selected to participate in the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston’s Equity Builder Program, which assists local homebuyers with down-payment and closing costs as well as homebuyer counseling and rehabilitation assistance.

The $3.1 million program provides grants to financial institutions to assist households at or below 80 percent of the area median income. Borrowers are eligible to receive up to $11,000 in assistance on a first come first serve basis. Buyers must also complete a homebuyer counseling program.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this assistance to help ease some of the challenges associated with a home purchase. Homeownership is key to building wealth and creating financial stability, and programs that assist homebuyers are a critical component in ensuring that our communities continue to thrive,” said Debbie Guiney, President/CEO, AllCom Credit Union.

AllCom Credit Union is eligible to receive up to $110,000 in 2018 through the Equity Builder Program, depending on availability of funds.

Since 2003, the Equity Builder Program has awarded more than $35 million in EBP funds assisting 3,150 income-eligible households to purchase a home.

To learn more about applying for assistance, please call 508-754-9980 or email

Mobile Banking App Now Live!

Banking Made Mobile, Is Banking Made Better

With the AllCom Credit Union mobile banking app, you can manage all of your accounts, including loan payments, all from one simple and convenient app that’s with you wherever you go.allcom mobile app on phone

Features Include:

    • Quick View Balance
    • Transfers between AllCom Accounts
    • Loan Payments
    • Mobile Check Deposits with a maximum of 3 deposits per day and a daily limit of $2,500
    • Bill Pay
    • Fingerprint Sign-In available for more secure sign on

When using the app, your login information will be the same as your Online Banking User Name and Password.

Be sure to download the app today to get the most out of your banking experience with AllCom Credit Union.

get it on google play

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