Direct Deposit

Save time and money on gas by setting up direct deposit with your AllCom Checking or Share/Savings account to get your money faster and hassle-free. Stop worrying about getting to the bank before it closes to deposit your check and start having your payroll or government benefits electronically deposited into your account automatically.

Most employers offer direct deposit services to their employees and the federal government requires direct deposit as well. If you want to cross depositing a check off of your ‘to-do list’ call today at (508) 754-9980 to get things started or simply download AllCom’s Direct Deposit Authorization form (PDF-new window/tab). Depending on your employers’ policy, you may need to contact the Human Resources department to establish direct deposit. You can relax and enjoy the benefits of direct deposit with AllCom Credit Union.

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To set up direct deposit of your government benefits, visit the government’s Go Direct website, which AllCom Credit Union proudly supports.

GoDirect website

On Tuesday, September 26, AllCom Credit Union will launch our new Digital Banking Platform that will replace our current Online Banking and Mobile Banking systems. Learn more