A Thank You to Our Members from Debbie Guiney, President/CEO

I started working at Central Massachusetts Telephone Workers’ Credit Union on June 7, 1977, which was located within the New England Telephone Building at 15 Chestnut Street in Worcester. Our members then were all employees of New England Telephone.  I was one of three part time employees and the Credit Union only offered savings accounts, small personal loans and auto loans.

We posted everything by hand and didn’t own a computer.  It’s hard for me to believe that more than 44 years have passed and it’s amazing to see what AllCom Credit Union has become.

One thing remains the same and that is my commitment to you, our members and our owners.  Every day my one driving thought was “the member comes first”.

Over the years we have been supported by a wonderful volunteer Board of Directors who have given their time freely and generously to set the policy direction of the Credit Union, always keeping our members and staff at the forefront of their decisions.

We have had wonderful staff that have worked incredibly hard and along with our Board of Directors and our committed members we have built an extremely strong and viable financial institution.  We are just as relevant today as we were 100 years ago, as we continue to serve a purpose in our members’ lives and in our community.

Laura Ybarra, our Executive Vice President will take my place on January 1, 2022.  Her intelligence, dedication, work ethic and commitment will continue to contribute to the overall success of AllCom. She embodies the true spirit of what a Credit Union is and I know she will successfully lead AllCom into the future.

We are approaching our 100th anniversary in 2022 and although these economic times are uncertain, AllCom is positioned to weather the storm and continue to thrive. I will miss helping generations of families meet their financial goals and making friendships that have lasted decades.

My last day in the office will be December 10th but I will be continuing to work remotely through the end of the year.

Thank you for turning what I thought would be just a part time job into a rewarding and fulfilling, 44 year career.