Online and Mobile Banking Disclosure

As a user of AllCom Credit Union’s Online Banking services and/or the Mobile Banking App, you have the right and ability to request for your account to be deleted. Note: Requesting online and/or mobile banking account deletion through this process will not close member banking accounts. AllCom will continue to retain all information necessary to service any and all related member banking accounts. View our Privacy Policy for more information.

Online and/or Mobile Banking Account Deletion

To delete your Online and/or Mobile Banking, you must notify the Credit Union and provide your name, address, the Service(s) you are discontinuing, and the termination date of the Service(s). When Bill Payment is terminated, any prescheduled bill payments made through Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App will also be terminated. You may notify the Credit Union by one of the following methods:

  • By completing the secure request form within Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App,
  • By sending a secure email from our website using the Secure Mail Portal.
  • By calling 508-754-9980, or
  • By speaking to a Member Service Representative in the branch.

For additional information, please call 508-754-9980.